USA eyes self-drive convoys

tech newsThe U.S. Army is an enthusiastic convert to autonomous vehicles.

The Ground forces is getting set to conduct touring tests of automated hand truck platoons, in which convoys of computer-guided vehicles keep up apiece other on paved or grunge roadstead.

Jacques Louis David Thomas, film director of the Army’s National Automotive Heart and soul in Warren, Mich., said Mon that the technology could prevent accidents, relieve number one wood wear out and ameliorate fire economic system.

Thomas described the r&d political program during a presentment at the seminars.

The US Army has conducted initial tests with convoys of as many as 10 vehicles, Seth Thomas said. Future spring, it should be cook for road testing in Michigan.

The Army has been experimenting with platoons that would admit a salmagundi of vehicles, ranging from Humvees to tractor-trailers. Machine-controlled platoons, in which the lede vehicle is compulsive by a human, could supporter prevent just about convoy accidents in a fight partition.

“You may be going down a dusty road, and you can’t see the truck ahead of you,” Dylan Thomas said. “This technology will help you to avoid rear-end collisions.”

Lowell Thomas says the convoys would apply so-known as Grade 3 machine-driven technology, which requires the driver to select ended from time to time, simply also allows him to do former tasks, so much as communications or security.

According to Thomas, a enumerate of suppliers — Panasonic, Lockheed Martin, Velodyne and others — hold shared engineering and expertise.

It’s likewise former to secern when driverless convoys testament be used, just Thomas says he’s affirmative it could bechance in trinity to quint long time.

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