Can An Outcall Massage Be As Good As At A Spa?

Everyone loves to go to the spa for a nice relaxing massage, but can an outcall massage be worthwhile too?
If you’re not looking for the other services a spa provides, then a stress-busting stay-at-home massage may be just right for you.
Many reputable spas and licensed massage therapists also offer an in home service. This is great for those times when you just want to stay home and relax. An outcall massage is also perfect for when it’s difficult to get out, such as after an illness or surgery, or for an elderly or bedridden person. Outcall massage can also be good for pregnant women, and some massage therapists specialize in pregnancy massage.

homeIf you tend to get sleepy after a massage, or don’t want the stress of driving after a massage, then this is a great choice for you. If you have insomnia or a sleep disorder, then a relaxing in-Home (read here) massage before bedtime may be just what you need to get a healthy night’s sleep.
If you’re stressed out while traveling, some services will even come to your hotel room.

How do you find a reputable outcall massage therapist?
The best way is to look in the yellow pages under massage therapists, day spas, or massage services. You can check online reviews such as yelp! Find as established business, and make sure you’re getting a licensed massage therapist. They should also be insured, and bring their own massage table.

Once you’ve established their credentials, be sure to discuss any needs or concerns you have. If you have health issues, be sure to state them up front. Make sure the type of massage, such as deep tissue, sports, or cranio-sacral, is appropriate for you.
If you have allergies or sensitivities, ask the therapist to use a non-allergenic oil or lotion.

Payment should be arranged ahead of time too. The therapist may not carry a card reader with them! Make sure you’re clear about the price and payment method. Find out if a tip is appropriate. If so, 15-20% is customary.
The main difference between a spa massage and an outcall massage is the atmosphere. A spa or therapist’s office will be set up especially so it’s easy for the therapist to work—and for the client to relax.

To get the most out of an in home message, try the following: provide adequate room for the therapist to set up their table and to move around it freely and easily. Remove any distractions—turn off the phone, TV, and glaring lights. Low level lighting is perfect. Some people like quiet, meditative music while they get a message.

During the massage, feel free to close your eyes and relax. Don’t worry about making small talk. Don’t feel bad if you doze off. This is about relaxation, not socializing.
So is an outcall massage as good as a spa massage? If you’ve followed these simple guidelines, the answer is a deep, satisfied, relaxed yes…